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IGNOU Grade Card 2023 (Updated), June: Status, Marks, New Link, December TEE

IGNOU Grade Card 2023 (Updated), June: Status, Marks, New Link, December TEE

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IGNOU Grade Card 2023 - Indira Gandhi National Open University will publish IGNOU grade card 2023 Dec session in January in online mode. Students can find both their term end exam and practical/ assignment marks on their IGNOU grade card. Total marks obtained by the students in their IGNOU Grade Card June 2023 will consist of two factors: 70% marks from written exams and 30% marks from practical papers. The IGNOU conducts its Term End Exams (TEE) in two parts: June TEE and December TEE. If any students find that their IGNOU result 2023 grade card shows an error or incomplete information, they are advised to contact their IGNOU regional office immediately.
LATEST UPDATES - To check IGNOU December 2022 TEE grade card - Click here

The IGNOU December 2023 TEE grade card will be issued separately for courses such as BCA/MCA/MPB/MP, BDP/BA/BCom/BSc/ASSO, and other courses. Candidates will only need their enrollment number, course code and their date of birth to log into IGNOU 2023 grade card. Canddiates can also check previous year details, such as grade card IGNOU June 2023, on the IGNOU student portal.

IGNOU Grade Card 2023 Dates


June TEE 2023

December TEE 2023

IGNOU TEE result 2023

August 2023

January 2024

IGNOU Grade Card 2023

August 2023

January 2024

What is IGNOU Grade Card 2023

IGNOU 2023 grade card is a crucial document that provides students with their academic performance evaluation in different courses offered by the university. Candidates can check the IGNOU grade card status by entering their login credentials such as enrollment number, date of birth, etc. As one of the leading distance learning institutions in India, IGNOU presents a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, certificate and doctorate IGNOU Admission programs to a diverse range of students. IGNOU grade card 2023 acts as a detailed record of a student’s academic performance, showing their exam scores and overall grades achieved in different subjects or modules.

It offers a detailed overview of their academic progress and acts as an important tool for tracking their progress throughout their duration of study. IGNOU grade card 2023 will include important pieces of information such as enrollment number, programme details, course codes, the maximum marks for each course, marks obtained, grade obtained and the status of completion. It allows students to get an idea about their strengths, recognise the area for improvement and set targets for future academic pursuits.

IGNOU 2023 grade card will be available online and students can access it by logging into the IGNOU Student Portal and entering their credentials. It is advised that students check their IGNOU grade card 2023 update regularly to stay updated on their academic progress and make sure that they have an accurate record.

Details mentioned in IGNOU Grade Card 2023

Candidates are advised to be extra careful while checking the informations mentioned below. The grade card status IGNOU can be checked on the offcial IGNOU website. Any discrepancies noticed must be reported to the IGNOU officials immediately.

  • Name of the candidate

  • Term End exam theory marks

  • Course code

  • Enrollment number

  • Name of the programme

  • Assignment marks

  • Term End exam practical marks

  • Status of the assignments

  • Lab test marks

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How to download IGNOU Grade Card 2023

In order to download the IGNOU grade card june 2023, students need to be familiar with the university website. After the publication of 2023 IGNOU grade card, IGNOU students need to go to the website and enter the following pieces of information:

  • Type of programme they are enrolled in

  • Enrollment number and

  • Programme Code

Steps to download IGNOU 2023 Grade Card

  1. Go to the official website “

  2. Go to the top and find “Student Support

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  1. Find “Results” from the drop-down menu

  2. Choose “Grade Card” from the list on the left


  1. Enter the “Programme type”, “Enrollment number” and “Programme Code”


  1. Click on the “Search” option.


  1. Grade Card will open.

  2. Download and save the IGNOU result 2023 grade card for future use.

IGNOU 2023 Grade Card - Key Points

  • The grade card differs from the result as it includes assignment marks, term end exam theory marks, term end exam practical marks, and IGNOU grade card status (complete/not-complete).

  • For a duplicate grade card, candidates need to submit a request and a Demand Draft of Rs. 250 in favour of IGNOU, payable in Delhi.

  • Candidates should download the IGNOU grade card june 2023 from the official website and keep it for reference.

  • IGNOU grade cards provide detailed information about term end examinations, practical marks, project marks, and assignment marks.

  • Once satisfied with the grade card, candidates should print and retain it for future reference.

  • Re-evaluation can be requested by submitting a request and a DD payable to IGNOU to the evaluation centre.

  • Candidates can apply for IGNOU revaluation if they believe the marks on the grade card do not reflect their performance in the examinations.

  • If there are discrepancies in the IGNOU assignment result 2023 grade card, candidates must contact the university immediately.

  • Grade card IGNOU are available only in online format, so candidates should double-check all the information provided.

  • If candidates notice any errors on their IGNOU grade card june 2023, they should immediately contact university officials.

How to get a duplicate IGNOU Grade Card 2023

If a student needs a duplicate copy of their grade card IGNOU, they must follow a specific process. This involves submitting an application form along with a demand draft of two hundred and fifty rupees only (250/- only). The demand draft should be sent to the specified address mentioned below.


The Registrar

(Student Evaluation Division)

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Block 12, Maidan Garhi

New Delhi-110 068

IGNOU Grading Chart 2023

The IGNOU grading table 2023 is a way for students to understand their grades based on IGNOU grade card percentage. It also reflects the qualitative level and point grade of IGNOU students.

IGNOU Grade Card Calculator 2023

The IGNOU grade card calculator is based on a chart that assists in grading students. The total scores of the students, according to the IGNOU percentage calculator, are total of 30% of the total points scored in the assignment and 70% of the total marks achieved in term-end exams. Students' grades are calculated using the IGNOU marks calculator based on their term end and practical marks.

How to Calculate IGNOU Percentage



Assignments/ Practical


Term-end examination (theory)


IGNOU Percentage Calculator

Candidates can calculate the percentage of marks obtained by using this simple formula:

  1. If a student gets 70 marks in term-end examinations, then the candidate will be awarded 49 marks.

  2. If a student gets 30 marks in assignments, then the candidate will be awarded 9 marks.

  3. So the total marks will end up being (49 + 9) = 58.

  4. Now the students need to add marks of all the subjects and divide it by 1200, in order to get the percentage of marks.

IGNOU Grading Chart 2023

Letter Grade

Qualitative level


Point Grade



80% and Above



Very Good













Below 40%


What is IGNOU Marking and Grading Scheme?

Grading is used in some programs, such as PGDET, MBA(MP), B.Ed and MAEDU whereas marking is used in others. To assess its students, IGNOU uses both grading (A, B, C, D, E) and marking (60, 70 etc.) methods.

Letter-grade based Evaluation System

Letter Grade

Point Grade


A - Grade



B - Grade


Very Good

C - Grade



D - Grade



E - Grade



IGNOU uses the following 10-point grading system for semester-based Bachelor's Degree Programs, as suggested by the UGC-CBCS Guidelines:



10 Point grade

O (Outstanding)

>= 85


A+ (Excellent)

>= 75 to < 85


A (Very Good)

>=65 to < 75


B+ (Good)

>=55 to < 65


B (Above Average)

>=50 to < 55


C (Average)

>=40 to < 50


D (Pass)

>=35 to < 40


F (Fail)

< 35


Ab (Absent)



IGNOU Result 2023

The IGNOU June TEE 2023 results will be published in July on the official university website -, following the completion of the IGNOU term-end exam 2023. The course details and TEE marks are shown on the IGNOU result, whilst the grade card shows course details, TEE theory marks, TEE practical marks, assignment marks, and assignment marks.

Please note that an IGNOU grade card is not the same as a result.

To know the IGNOU result 2023, candidates who appeared in the term-end exam 2023 must enter their ten-digit enrollment number in the result window. The grade card status IGNOU contains remarks regarding both term end exam, as well as IGNOU assignment or practical marks.

Details Mentioned on IGNOU Results 2023

  • Enrolment number

  • Marks/grades

  • Date of updation on website

  • Maximum marks

  • Name of the programme

  • Remarks (if any)

  • Course codes

  • Month and year

IGNOU Grading System

Candidates can check their grades themselves by matching their marks with the range mentioned in the table below:




Point Grade


80% and Above




60% to 79.9%

Very Good



50% to 59.9%




40% to 49.9%




Below 40%



How to Check IGNOU Result 2023

Students can check their IGNOU 2023 result from the official university website. To check your result, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website


  1. Go to “Student Support” and choose “Results” from the drop-down menu


  1. Now choose “Term-End” from the menu on the left side


  1. Choose the TEE session you appeared for


  1. Enter your ten-digit enrollment number


  1. Your result will be displayed.

To check previous year results, such as grade card IGNOU June 2023, candidates can follow the same steps.

IGNOU Revaluation Result 2023

Students who are dissatisfied with their grades have the option to request a revaluation by completing the prescribed IGNOU revaluation application form. A revaluation fee of Rs 750 per course must be paid online (via debit card, credit card, or net banking). The revaluation result for IGNOU is typically published around 30 days after the declaration of the initial IGNOU results grade card. During the application, candidates are required to provide the course code for the subject they wish to have re-evaluated, along with the original marks obtained. The result of the revaluation process for the June TEE of IGNOU 2023 will be declared through online mode.

How to Calculate IGNOU Percentage?

To learn how to calculate IGNOU percentage, follow these steps:

  • Identify the weightage: The grades in IGNOU Grade Card June 2023 are determined based on the weightage of Assignment Marks (30%) and Term End Theory Exam Marks (70%).
  • Example calculation: Let's consider a course/paper called BPCC-134. Suppose you scored 90 marks in the assignment and 80 marks in the theory test.
  • Calculate the assignment weightage: Multiply the assignment marks by 30%. In this case, 30% of 90 marks is 27.
  • Calculate the theory exam weightage: Multiply the theory exam marks by 70%. In this case, 70% of 80 marks is 56.
  • Add the marks: Add the assignment weightage and the theory exam weightage. In this case, 27 + 56 equals 83 marks.
  • Determine the percentage: The percentage for the BPCC-134 paper is 83%.
  • Repeat the process: Calculate the percentage for each paper in a similar manner, and then calculate your overall passing percentage.

Note: It is important to focus on scoring maximum marks in assignments, as they contribute significantly to your overall IGNOU grade card percentage.

What does it mean by “Completed” in IGNOU Grade Card 2023?

The Grade Card provides information about the result and IGNOU grade card status of each Course Code (e.g., BESC 133, BCOS 132, BEGLA 138, etc.). When a row displays the status "COMPLETED," it signifies that the learner has successfully finished that particular course code. Conversely, a row may have the status "NOT COMPLETED" due to various reasons, including:

  1. The IGNOU TEE result mark is not available.

  2. Submission of the assignment, theory, practical, and project with a failing grade.

  3. Term End Practical mark remains incomplete (if applicable to the course).

  4. Missing mark/grade on the assignment.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Can I use the IGNOU grade card as mark sheet?

IGNOU grade card is meant for information only. It does not have any legal validity.

2. Can I appear for the term-end exam if I have not submitted the assignments?

In order to appear for the term end exam, you need to submit the assignments.

3. Where can I submit the assignments?

After completing the assignments, you need to submit the assignments to your chosen study centres.

4. What to do when there are discrepancies in my IGNOU grade card?

In case, there are any discrepancies in your IGNOU grade card, you need to contact your closest IGNOU regional office immediately.

5. How can I get the IGNOU grade card?

After IGNOU publishes the grade card, you need to visit the university website and enter your programme type and ten-digit enrollment number in order to get your grade card.

6. When will the IGNOU Grade Card for TEE June 2023 be made available?

The IGNOU grade card for the June term-end examination will be made available soon. 

7. What will be the method of distribution for the IGNOU 2023 grade card?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University only publishes grade cards online. Candidates can obtain a copy by going to the official website.

8. How can I calculate my grade?

Candidates can easily calculate their IGNOU grades by calculating 70% the marks obtained in the term end exam and adding it to the 30% marks obtained in the assignment marks.

9. How can I get my final grade card from IGNOU?

The final grade card for IGNOU are usually mailed to the candidate's registered address. Candidates can also collect the IGNOU final grade card from the IGNOU regional centre after the notification has been announced.

10. How can I get my IGNOU grade card online?

Yes, you can get your grade card for IGNOU in online mode. However the IGNOU final grade card will be in physical copy.

11. How are IGNOU marks calculated?

IGNOU marks are finalised by calculating 70% marks of the term end examination and 30% marks from the assignment or practical exam.

12. What is first division grade in IGNOU?

Scoring 60% or over is considered getting 1st division in IGNOU.


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