IGNOU Date Sheet 2019
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IGNOU Date Sheet 2019 - Indira Gandhi National Open University has revised the IGNOU 2019 date sheet for December term end examination on November 8, 2019 at ignou.ac.in. Candidates who have registered themselves for various programmes offered by the university can check the date sheet of IGNOU 2019 for December term end examination in online mode. As per IGNOU date sheet 2019, the December term end examinations will be commenced form December 2 to December 30, 2019 in two sessions. i.e, moring and evening. IGNOU 2019 date sheet is given for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and for both January and July cycles. It is important for candidates to go through IGNOU 2019 date sheet so that they are abreast of all the important events and their dates and do not miss out on a single step involved in and after admissions. To summarize as per the date sheet of IGNOU 2019, the registration process for the January 2019 cycle started from November 5, 2018 and was closed on February 11, 2019. For the July 2019 cycle, the registration process started from May 14, 2019 and was open till August 31, 2019.


IGNOU Date Sheet Revised for December Term End Examinations

Hall Tickets of IGNOU for Post Basic Nursing programme released

IGNOU Re Registration for January 2020 session started, submit your applications before November 30

Indira Gandhi National Open University provides a vast range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses through distance and open mode. IGNOU admission 2019 is conducted for candidates who seek admissions into these programmes.

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For a detailed insight into IGNOU 2019 date sheet and to know dates related to registration, re-registration, TEE form submission, hall ticket, TEE, assignment submission, results, and so on, candidates may read further.

IGNOU 2019 December Term End Examination Form Dates

Starting Date Last Date of SubmissionMode of Submission
September 5, 2019October 5, 2019Online
October 6, 2019 (with late fee of Rs.500)October 20, 2019 (with late fee of Rs.500)Online
October 21, 2019 (with late fee of Rs.1000)October 31, 2019 (with late fee of Rs.1000)Online
November 1, 2019 (with late fee of Rs.1000)November 30, 2019 (with late fee of Rs.1000)Demand Draft (to be submitted at IGNOU Regional Centre)

IGNOU Date Sheet 2019 - Term End Examination

In the table below, candidates will find all the important events involved in and after IGNOU 2019 admission and their respective dates. They are advised to make a serious note of the date sheet of IGNOU 2019 so that they do not miss out any important step and cost their admissions or degree.

IGNOU 2019 Date Sheet (Updated)

Exam Dates




ASP01/ BULE001/ CHE01/ CHE02/ CHE1_2/ MANI001/ MHI01/ BHY053/ BNS101/ ET101A/ BME001/ CIT01/ BHY021/ BET011/ MEDS001/ MES011/ MGSE001/ MPCE011/ MPCE021/ MPCE031/ MPY001/ MTT010/ CTE01/ MIP101/ MES051/ MEG01/ MHD01/

MLI101/ MPS001/ MLI001/ MME201/ MME301/

BEGE103/ BEGE108/ BPY005/ EEC10/ EEC13/ EHD03/ EHI03/ EPA03/ EPS03/ EPS08/ ESO13/ LSE03/ MTE07/ BME023/ MMD011/ MHA01/ BHY001/ MMT001/ MFP01/MS611/MS29/MS58/MS422/


BCOA001/ BPY010/ BULE002/ MPA011/ MTE10/ BHY054/ OSS101/ BAR053/ BHY027/ MES012/ MGSE002/ MPY002/ MTT011/ CTE02/ MBP001/ MCO01/ MEC001/ MEC101/ MEG02/ MHD02/ MPSE011/


TS01/ BPY002/ PHE16/ BLI221/ BME008/ BET021/ MDV101/ MHY007/ BHY003/ BLI011/ MHA04/ MFP02/MS612/MS28/MS423/


AOM01/ BPC001/ BULE003/ MANI002/ MHI02/ BHY055/ PCO/ BNS102/ BAR055/ ET581F/ BME002/ CIT02/ BHY022/ BCE031/ BEE031/ MEDS002/ MES013/ MPCE012/ MPCE022/ MPCE032/ MPYE001/ MTT012/ MIP102/ MES052/ MEG03/ MHD03/ MLII101/

MPS002/ MSW012/ MLI002/ MME202/ MME302/ MPSE009

TS03/ BPY004/ CHE04/ ET302B/ BME024/ MMD012/ BME051/ MHY003/ BHY007/ MHA06/ MMT002/ /MFP03/MS21/MS51/MS61/MS41/MS424/


AFWE01/ BEGA001/ BHDA101/ BULE004/ CTE04/ MCO03/ MPA012/ BHY056/ BAR056/ BRL006/ ET101B/ BHY028/ BHC011/ MES014/ MGSE003/ MPYE008/ MTT013/ CLT101/ MBP002/ MEC002/

MES055/ MEG04/ MHD04/ MPSE012/ MSW002/ MSWE041/

BPY008/ BSWE004/ PHE10/ BLI222/ BHY011/ ET302A/ TS06/ BCE041/ MDV102/ MHY017/ BLII012/ BAB101/ MHY041/ MHA08/



AED01/ MHI03/ MTE03/ OMT101/ BNS103/ BAR059/ ET532A/ ET535A/ BME003/ CIT03/ BHY023/ BET012/ MAN001/ MEDS003/ MES015/ MPCE013/ MPCE023/ MPCE033/ MPYE002/ MTT014/ CPI/ MSW031/ ONR001/ MIP103/ IBO04/ MES053/ MEG05/ MHD05/

MLII102/ MPS003/ MLI003/ MME203/ MME303/

AEC01/ BSWE001/ TS07/ ET105B/ BME025/ MMD013/ BCE061/ MHY002/ BHY005/ BAB102/ MHYI043/ MHA09/ MMT004/MS05/ MS23/MS53/MS63/MS43/MS494/


BEE002/ BPC006/ ECO10/ FST01(For BSC & other Programmes)/ BHY041/ BAR004/ ET301B/ BME020/ BLE032/ BAL001/ BLE013/ BAQ002/ BET037/ BPVI018/ BES019/ BLE003/ BNS014/ ES221/ DTG003/ OUL003/ BWEE008/ MES044/ MRDE003/ MWG003/ CDM01/ OEY002/ BFLI003/ BHM001/ CHR12/ NES103/ BLE036/ ODN001/ OMU001/ OTH001/ BEDS003/ MIR013/ MVEI013/ MTT004/ MST001/ MLE015/ MFC003/ MME004/ / MECE004/ MEG06/ MGPE009/ MED008/ / MSOE004/ MPC054/ MES083/ MSD016/

MEDS044/MSWE010/BPVI021/MAM001/OLP001/BLP001/BAP001/OAP I011/ CTE03/

BECE107/ BEGE104/ BEGE107/ BULE006/ EEC07/ EEG04/ EHD04/ EHI06/ EPA06/ EPS06/ EPS09/ ESO16/ LSE09/ MTE13/ BPY011/ ET524B/ BSW043/ MMDE065/ MMDE071/ MMDE075/ MMDE061/ MMTE003/MS54/MS44/MS64/MS24/


AHE01/ BPC003/ MHI04/ BNS104/ BAR044/ BRL001/ ET533A/ BME004/ CS612/ MCS011/ BES121/ ES331/ BHY024/ BCE032/ BHC012/ BME032/ DNHE01/ MAE001/ MAN002/ MEDS005/ MES101/ MPC001/ MPYE003/ MTT016/ MS01/ MHY004/ CPI102/ CNCC01/ BNS115/ OUL001/ MVP001/ MIP104/ MES054/ MEG015/ MHD07/

MLI102/ MPSE001/ MSW005/ MLI004/ MES005/CTE05/

BSWE002/ PHE15/ BSHF101 (for BA & BCOM only)/ BHY012/ BME027/ BCS051/ CS68/ MCS041/ MMD014/ BME055/ MDV106/ BAB104/ MHY042/ MHA13/ MMT005/ MTM02/ MTTM02/ET204B/ET521A/


AMK01/ MPA014/ BAR045/ ET105A/ CS60/ MCS012/ BES122/ ES332/ BHY030/ DNHE02/ MAE002/ MANI003/ MEDS006/ MES102/ MGSE020/ MGP005/ MPYE010/ MTT017/ MS02/ CPI103/ LMT01/ ONR002/ MST002/ MPA002/ MED001/ IBO06/ MEC004/ MEG016/

MHD09/ MSW004/ MSWE043/MGPE010/

AOR01/ BEGF101/ FEG01/ FHD02/ BLI224/ ET532B/ ET581C/ BME031/ BCS052/ BCS061/ CS69/ MCS042/ BCE062/ BEE042/ MHY009/ BLII014/ MHYI044/ MHA14/ MTM05/ MTTM05/RMS001/ RNS003/RBC001/


AMT01/ BPC004/ MHI05/ BHY043/ BNS105/ BAR049/ BRL008/ ET521D/ ET537B/ BME005/ CS62/ MCS013/ BES123/ ES333/ BHY025/ BET013/ BPVI011/ DNHE03/ MAE003/ MEDS008/ MES103/ MPC002/ MPYE004/ MTT018/ CNCC02/ BMS001/ OUL002/ MBP004/ MIP105/ MCO04/ MESE057/ MESE058/ MESE059/ MEG09/ MHD10/ MLII103/

MS03/ MPSE002/ MSO001/ MSW009/ MLI005/ MES006/

BSWE003/ PHE13/ ET201A/ BME028/ BCS053/ CS70/ MCS043/ MMDE015/ MMDE016/ BME052/ MDV109/ MHY001/ MHY005/ MTTM06/ DHHM01/ MHA18/ MMT007/ MTM06/RMSE002/RBC002/RCH001/RCO011/REG101/RES101/REV001



ANC01/ BPY007/ BHY044/ BRL002/ BME010/ CS63/ MCS014/ BES126/ ES341/ DECE01/ BPVI031/ MESE062/ MANE001/ MES104/ MGSE004/ MPYE011/ MTT019/ MS04/ CFN01/ MPA003/ MVPI001/ MCO05/ MEC105/ MEG11/ MGPE008/ MHD11/ MCFT001/ MSW013/ MSWE044/BHT001/BHT006/

APM01/ BBHF/ BHDF101/ BSKF001/ FAS01/ FBG01/ FEG02/ FGT01/ FKD01/ FML01/ FMT01/ FOR01/ FPB01/ FTG01/ FTM01/ FUD01/ BMAF001/ BLI225/ BAR073/ ET535B/ ET536A/ BME035/ BCS054/ CS610/ MCS051/ BHY031/ BET023/ BME057/ MHY016/ MTTM07/




ACC01/ BPYE001/ MEG10/ BHY045/ BNS106/ BAR034/ ET102/ CS05/ MCS015/ BES127/ ES342/ MMDE017/ MMDE018/ MMDE019/ BHY026/ BPVI012/ BHC013/ BPVI041/ MAE004/ MEDS009/ MES111/ MPSE003/ MPC003/ MPYE005/ MTT020/ CFN02/ BMS002/ CLT102/ CLT103/ CLT104/ MSW032/ ONR003/ MST003/ MBP005/ MIP106/ MCO06/ MES056/ MHD12/ MLII104/ MSO002/ MSWE003/ MLI006/

MES007/BHT002/ BHT007/MPS004/

CHE05/ ECO03/ PHE14/ ET501A/ BME029/ BCS055/ MCS052/ BCE051/ MDV004/ MHY006/ DHHM02/ MHA20/ MFP05/ MMT003/ RBC003/RCH003/RES103/REVE003/RGGE102/RGYE112/RHD102/RPF0 01/RPHE005/RTT102/


BPYE002/ MANE002/ MSW006/ MTE12/ BAR035/ BRL003/ MCS021/ BES128/ ES343/ BHY037/ BPR001/ BPVI032/ MAE005/ MES112/ MGSE007/ MPYE012/ MTT021/ MS06/ MHY010/ BNS040/ CFN03/ BHM101/ MCH001/ MPA004/ MED003/ IBO01/ MECE001/ MPA015/ MGPE011/ MCFT006/


ECO05/ LSE05/ BLIE226/ ET537A/ BME011/ BCS011/ MCS053/ BCE043/ BME058/ MED009/ MTM03/ MTTM03/RBC005/RCHE001/RES104/REVE004/RGYE114/RSW002/RTT 103/


ATR01/ BMS003/ ECO02/ BHY042/ BNS107/ BME007/ ET523C/ BFE101/ MCS022/ BES129/ ES344/ BET014/ BPVI013/ BES001/ BPVI042/ BPVI001/ MAEE001/ MEDS010/ MES113/ MPSE004/ MPC005/ MPYE006/ MS07/ BHM102/ MBP006/ MVP002/ MIP107/ MCO07/ MEG12/ MGPE012/ MHD13/ MHD17/ MLIE101/ MSO003/ MSW007/ MLI007/ MVE002/ MES008/BHT011/


BSWE005/ BLIE228/ BAR074/ ET501B/ BME030/ BCS012/ MCSE003/ MMDE028/ MMDE033/ MMDE038/ BCE052/ MHY011/ DHHM03/ MMT006/ MTM04/ MTTM04/PHE011/RBC006/RCHE004/ REVE005/RMU002/RTT104/


AWRE01/ BEGA102/ BRPA101/ ECO12/ BHY046/ BAR039/ BRL004/ BME016/ ET502A/ BFEE101/ MCS023/ BES124/ ES345/ DCE01/ BES002/ BPR002/ BPVI033/ BPVI002/ MAEE002/ MANE003/ MES114/ MPYE013/ MWG007/ MS08/ MHY008/ BHME101/ MRD102/ MST004/ MPA005/ MED006/ IBO05/ MEC008/ MEC108/ MGPE013/ MHD14/

MHD18/ MPA016/ MCFT002/ MFN001/ MSW008/ JMC01/BNRI102/

TS04/ BSHF101(for BSC & other programmes)/ ET202A/ BCS062/ CS71/ MCSE004/ BET024/ BME059/ RBC007/RGD001/RJM101/RWS001/


BCOE108/ ECO08/ LSE07/ MEG14/ BHY057/ BNS108/ BRL010/ ET502B/ BME012/ BFE102/ CS72/ MCS024/ BES125/ ES334/ DCE02/ BPVI014/ BES004/ BPVI043/ BME034/ ES213/ BPR003/ BPVI003/ MEDS011/ MES115/ MPC006/ MPYE007/ MWG005/ MS09/ BHME102/ MRD103/ MNR001/ MBP007/ MIP108/ MMD051/ MGPE015/ MHD15/ MHD19/ MLIE102/ MPSE005/ MCFT007/ MFN004/ MSO004/ MSW014/ MVE003/


BSWE006/ CHE10/ BLIE229/ BARE072/ BARE073/ BARE074/ BARE075/ ET522/ CS611/ MCSE011/ MMDE029/MMDE034/ MMDE039/ BCEE052/ BME060/ MTM08/ MTTM08/ MMT008/MEV001/ RBC010/RGD002/RWS002/


AST01/ BPC005/ MEG07/ MHI06/ BPY012/ ET204A/ ET507B/ BME014/ BFEE102/ CS73/ MCS031/ BES141/ ES335/ BHY032/ DCE03/ BCE044/ DECE02/ BES008/ BHC014/ BME056/ BPVI034/ BPVI004/ MANE004/ MDE411/ MES031/ MGS001/ MPYE014/ MWG010/ MS10/ BHME103/ MST005/ MPA006/ MES048/ MED005/ MVP003/ MECE003/ MPA017/ MGPE016/ MHD16/ MHD20/ MFN002/

MSWE001/ JMC03/BAR024/BNRI103/

TS02/ ECO14/ MTE04/ MTE05/ MTE4_5/ ET524A/ ET534A/ BCS040/ CS06/ BME044/ MHY012/ BKL001/ MTTM09/ MHYI041/ MTM09/ MEV002/RJM102/


BPHE101/ BPHE102/ ECO01/ MEG08/ PHE01/ PHE02/ PHE1_2/ BHY038/ BNS109/ BRL011/ ET202B/ BME015/ BFEE103/ CS74/ MCS032/ BES142/ ES361/ ES362/ ES363/ ES364/ DCE04/ BET015/ BPVI015/ BES009/ BPVI044/ BME050/ ES201/ BPR005/ MDE412/ MEDSE015/ MES032/ MGSE010/ MPC004/ MPYE015/ MRD004/ MWG006/ MS11/ BHME104/ MCH002/ MCMM001/ MCMM101/ MGP001/ MLIE103/ MPSE006/ MCFT003/ MFN005/ MSOE001/

MSWE002/ MSW015/ JMC04/BPOI001/ BPVI022/

TS05/ CHE09/ MTE14/ BARE076/ BARE077/ BARE078/ BARE079/ ET525/ ET531B/ BCS041/ CS64/ MMDE030/ MMDE035/ MMDE040/ BCEE061/ BME061/ MHY013/ BKL002/ MTTM10/ MMD052/ MMT009/ MTM10/ MEV003/


ECO09/ MHI08/ PHE09/ BAR025/ ET508A/ BFEE104/ CS75/ MCS033/ BES143/ BESE065/ BHY033/ DCE05/ BET036/ BES010/ BNS011/ ES202/ BPVI035/ BPVI005/ BWEF002/ MANE005/ MDE413/ MES033/ MGS002/ MPYE016/ MWG008/ MS91/ OEE001/ BHME105/ BJLI001/ MRD101/ MNR002/ MGY001/ MPA007/ MES047/ MEC009/ MEC109/ MGP002/ MPA018/ MED002/ MFN003/ MSW016/ MSEI021/ MPC052/ MVE004/ MSD011/


BEGE101/ BGSE001/ BHDE101/ BHIE107/ BPY001/ EEC11/ EHD01/ EHD05/ EHI01/ EPA01/ EPS11/ ESO11/ LSE10/ MTE01/ ET534C/ BME013/ BCS042/ CS66/ BCE024/ BCE025/ BHY002/ MTTM11/ MMTE005/ MTM11/MEV004/MEV021/MLIL001


BPCE015/ BPCE017/ LSE13/ MHI09/ BPCE014/ BHY039/ BNS110/ BRL012/ ET505/ MCS034/ BES144/ BESE066/ BCE034/ BPVI016/ BES012/ BPVI045/ BNS012/ ES203/ BWEE004/ MDE414/ MES034/ MGSE013/ MRDE101/ MS95/ MHY014/ BHME106/ MLE011/ MES046/ MVP004/ MCMM002/ MCMM102/ MMD054/ MGP003/ MLIE104/ MPSE007/ MCFTE001/ MCFTE002/ MCFTE003/ MFN007/ MSOE002/MSW010/MSEI022/MPC051/ PGDT02/BPOI003/BPVI024/BNRI105/BLIE227/MWG002/MLIL002/MWG


BECE002/ BEGE102/ BHDE108/ BPAE102/ BPSE212/ BPY003/ EHD02/ EHD08/ EHI02/ EPS12/ ERD01/ ESO12/ MTE02/ BRDE101/ ET523B/ BME017/ BME053/ MTTM12/ MMTE001/ MTM12/ MSD012/MEV005/ BLIE227/MLIL002


BPC002/ BPHE106/ MHI10/ MSW011/ PHE06/ BHY047/ BAR029/ ET201B/ BME019/ MCS035/ BES145/ BHY034/ BNS031/ BCE033/ BES016/ BME062/ ES204/ BPVI036/ BPVI006/ BWEE005/ MDE418/ MES041/ MGS003/ RDD06/ MWG009/ MS94/ MS96/ MS97/ MS92/ MS93/ BEG004/ BJLI002/ MTT001/ MSTE001/ MLE012/ MED007/ IBO02/ MEC006/ MGP004/ MFN008/ MSEI023/ MSD013/ PGDT03/ MEDS041/OVA003/BPOI004/OSEI041/BFDI071/BPVI025/


ECO11/ LSE06/ MTE08/ ET508B/ BCS031/ BCE045/ MTTM13/ MMTE006/ MTM13/MEVE001/ BLIE227/MEV022/EHI07/MLIL003


BPCE011/ BPCE013/ BPCE018/ BPCE019/ LSE02/ BPCE021/ BHY040/ BHY048/ BAR014/ BRL013/ BME018/ ET536B/ ET581B/ BLE011/ BESE131/ BESE132/ BESE135/ BET016/ BPVI017/ BES017/ BHC015/ BPV046/ BLE001/ BNS013/ ES211/ DTG001/ OULE001/ BWEE006/ MDE415/ MES042/ RDD07/ MWG001/ MHY015/ BFLI001/ NES101/ OVA001/ BEDS001/ ORU001/ MNRE015/ MTT002/ MIR011/ MGY002/ MVEI011/ MCH003/ MLE013/ MFC001/ MCMM003/ MCMM103/ MGPE006/ MLIE105/ MPSE008/ MCFT004/ MFN009/ MSOE003/ MPC053/ MES081/ MVE005/ MSD014/ PGDT04/ MEDS042/ BPOI005/ MSE024/ OSEI042/BFDI072/BPVI026/MAM002/BLPI002/BNRI106/BAPI001/


BECE214/ BEGE105/ BHDE106/ BPY006/ EEC14/ EHD06/ EHI04/ EPA04/ EPS07/ ESO14/ MTE09/ BPAE104/ BME006/ ET531A/ BCE046/ BME054/ BSW041/ MMDE055/ MMDE056/ MMDE057/ MMTE002/ MEVE002/MS25/MS45/MS55/MS65/ BLIE227/MEV023/ MLIL004


BEE001/ ECO07/ PHE07/ BHY049/ BHY050/ BHY051/ / BNS111/ BAR015/ BME021/ ET521C/ BLE031/ BLE012/ BHY035/ BNS032/ BET026/ DECE03/ BES018/ BLE002/ BME063/ ES212/ BPVI037/ DTG002/ OULE002/ BPVI007/ BWEE007/ MDE416/ MES043/ MGS004/ MRDE002/ BJM001/ OEY001/ BEG005/ BFLI002/ CHR11/ NES102/ BLE035/ BJLI003/ OVA002/ BEDS002/ ORUL002/ BAQ001/ MTT003/ MIR012/ MVEI012/ MJM001/ MLE014/ MED004/ MFC002/ MEC007/ MGPE007/ MFN006/ MSEI025/ MES082/OSE043/ MEDS043/BYG001/MGY003/BPOI006/BFDI073/BPVI027/OLPI001/

/BAPI002/OAPI012/ BLIE227/ BESE046/MIR021/MLIL005

BECE015/ BEGE106/ BHDE107/ BPY009/ BULE005/ EEG06/ EHI05/ EPA05/ EPS15/ ESO15/ LSE01/ MTE11/ ET301A/ ET534B/ BSL001/ BSW042/ MTTM14/ MMTE007/ MTM14/ MSD015/MEVE003/MS26/ MS46/MS56/MS66/ BLIE227/BGL001/MLIL005


ACS01/ CHE06/ MPA013/ BAR063/ BRL007/ ET521B/ BHY029/ MES016/ MESE061/ MESE060/ MESE064/ MESE066/ MESE067/ MGSE006/ MPYE009/ MTT015/ CPI101/ MBP003/ MPA001/ MEC003/ MEC103/ MHD06/ MPSE013/ MSW003/ MES004/ MSWE042/BYG002/ MCMM004/ MCMM104/MSTE002/BPOI007/ BFD074/BPVI028/OAPI013/BAPI003/BNRI107/ OSEI044/ BLPI003/BLIE227/MAM003/BNS041/MSEI026/MIR022/MJM002/


BLI223/ FST01( FOR BA/BCOM) /ET533B/ ET540B/ BME009/ BET022/ MDV103/ MTM01/ MTTM01/ MHY018/ BLII013/BAB103/MHYI042/BPEL011/MHA10/MEVE004/MS27/MS57/MS68/BLIE227/MEV024/BGL002/MLIL006


BEE003/ ECO06/ LSE12/ MTE06/ BHY052/ BNS042/ BAR005/ BRL015/ ET581A/ BME022/ BLE033/ BAL002/ BHY036/ BAQ003/ BET017/ BES020/ BLE004/ ES222/ BPVI038/ DTG004/ OULE005/ BPVI008/ BWEE012/ MDE419/ MGS005/ MRDE004/ MWG004/ BLE014/ OEE002/ BJM002/ CDM02/ OEY003/ BEG006/ BFLI004/ CNSHC001/ BHM002/ NES104/ BLE037/ BJLI004/ BNS117/ OMU005/ BEDS004/ MNRE016/ MIR014/ MVEI014/ MTT005/ MIR023/ MCH004/ MJM003/ MLE016/ MES045/ MFC004/ MME005/ IBO03/ MEDSE046/ MGPE014/ MCFT005/ MFN010/ MSEI027/ MES084/ MVE006/MSD017/ BLIE227/MAM004/OLPI002/BLP004/MLIL007

BECE016/ BPHE104/ ECO13/ PHE04/ PHE05/ PHE4_5/ ET507A/ MTM15/ BSL002/ BSW044/ MTTM15/ MMDE066/MMDE072/MMDE076/BPEL012MMDE062/MMTE004/BLIE227/MEV025/BGL003/MS495/MLIL00

IGNOU Date Sheet 2019 - Other Programmes




BA & BCom


28.12.2019 (Evening)


9.12.2019 (evening)

B.Sc. and other programmes


07.12.2019 (morning)


17.12.2019 (evening)

IGNOU Important Dates 2019


January Cycle

July Cycle


November 5, 2018- February 11, 2019

May 14 - September 30, 2019


November 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018


December 1, 2018 to February 11, 2019 (closed)

Last date - February 25, 2019 (only for Jammu and Kashmir regional centre B.Ed students)

Last date of Re Registration - November 30, 2019 (January 2020 session)

May 14 to August 14, 2019

Term End Exam Form Submission

September 5, 2019 - October 5, 2019

November 1, 2019 - November 10, 2019

Last week of February 2020- Third week of April 2020

Last week of April 2020 - First week of May 2020

Practical Dates

January 2019

July 2020

Project Submission

Last date - Fourth week of November 2019

Last date - Fourth week of

November 2019

Assignment submission

As per what is mentioned on the assignment papers

Term End Examination

December 2 to December 30, 2019

June 2020

Release of hall ticket

10 days before the exams start

10 days before the exams



December 2019

Will be notified by the university

Entrance Exam for B.Ed. and B.Sc. Nursing (Post)

February and August every year

How to check IGNOU Date Sheet 2019

  • Visit the official link ignou.ac.in

  • Under news and announcements section, click on “Tentative date sheet for TEE December 2019”

  • Further, click on “Click here for details”

  • Candidates can now check the date sheet of IGNOU 2019 December TEE

  • Download the IGNOU date sheet for future references.

Details to check on IGNOU 2019 Date Sheet

  • Exam dates

  • Exam session

  • Exam shift

  • Programme code

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - IGNOU Date Sheet 2019

Question: When is the last date to register for IGNOU 2019?


The last date to fill the registration form was September 30, 2019, according to IGNOU date sheet 2019. 

Question: Is the IGNOU date sheet 2019 only for UG programmes?


No, the IGNOU 2019 date sheet is given for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and for both January and July cycles.

Question: Why is IGNOU 2019 date sheet that important?


It is important for candidates to go through IGNOU 2019 date sheet so that they are abreast of all the important events and their dates and do not miss out on a single step involved in and after admissions.

Question: Can you please summarise the whole admission process?


To summarize as per the date sheet of IGNOU 2019, the registration process for the January 2019 cycle started from November 5, 2018, and was closed on February 11, 2019. For the July 2019 cycle, the registration process started from May 14, 2019, and is open till August 31, 2019. 

IGNOU date sheet 2019 mentions that TEE will be held from December 2 to December 30, 2019 for January 2019 cycle, while for the July 2019 cycle, it will be held on June 2020. 

Question: When will the university announce the IGNOU result 2019?


Indira Gandhi National Open University will announce the results for the January 2019 session in December 2019. As mentioned in the above IGNOU date sheet 2019, the result dates for the July 2019 cycle will be notified soon by the university and updated on this page. 

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Hello i have doing bca and mca integrated program but my admission is valid upto june 2020 but many of my exams are not cleared because i have not been able to give papers due to some financial issues. Can i extend my admission please let me know ..... thanks

Shivam bhardwaj Student Expert 12th Nov, 2019
Hello Nishant,
Hope you are doing well.
Every course is given with some extra time limit. For example, in case of engineering you have 7 years to complete this 4 year graduation program.
Like this, some extra years are also be given for your program you can ask your college authorities.
Good luck

I want to know something about ignou, like duration, fee, owner etc.

Aditi Amrendra Student Expert 11th Nov, 2019

IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University.It is a distance learning national university in India which is named after former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi and the university was established in 1985.IGNOU is run by the central government of India.
IGNOU conducts courses in 2 admission cycles July and December.
There are study centers of ignou in most of the cities.Also there are study centers are in colleges which are affiliated with IGNOU.
You can also apply for other courses directly by reporting to the regional centers located nearby.
The are lots of courses offered in field of arts,science and commerce and also diploma courses as well as management courses.
Fees ranges from 1k to 10k and more depending upon the course you will choose to enroll.

I hope this helps.

hi li am a ignou student my study center is Jesus Mary college but theres no class will be taken only u can ask doubt so i want attend the class like Saturday and Sunday plz anyone can tell me wheres the class will be running on for ba arts

Shudhanshu Gupta Student Expert 8th Nov, 2019
if there are no classes running in your college or institute and you want to attend some classes so still there is an another option for you can take private tuition from anyone who is pursuing in the final year or have done his or her BA degree or the teacher who is teaching for BA art students it will definitely help you.
Best of luck.

How to get a PhD from IGNOU? Is it valid?

Manidipa Kundu Student Expert 4th Nov, 2019


ignou stands for indira gandhi national open university. it is a reconized university in india and phd degree from ignou is valid. admission process is you need to apply online. a entrance exam will be held by the university which is similar to ugc net or csir net exam type. ignou offers phd course in following subjects.

biochemistry, chemistry, commerce, english, fine arts, gender and development studies, environmental science, geology, journalism and mass communication, music, rural science, woman studies, statistics, social work.


can I get job in infosys after completing m.tech from ipu but Ive already done BCA and MCA from IGNOU please reply

Sonali Sahu Student Expert 3rd Nov, 2019
You can apply for openings for BCA and MCA qualifications. You can't apply for Mtech as you haven't done BTech. With out graduation in BTech you can't do Mtech.
In other side, Infosys hired MCA students every year so just apply for off campus and pass all the rounds and get a job.
They basically have two rounds. 1st one is written and other one is interview. Two level selection and with  some time practice you can crack it.
Hope it helps you!
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