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CUET Mock Test 2024: Free Online PDF Series Download Official Mock Test

CUET Mock Test 2024: Free Online PDF Series Download Official Mock Test

Edited By Anurag Reddy | Updated on May 24, 2024 02:56 PM IST | #CUET UG

CUET Mock Test 2024 - Candidates preparing for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) must include mock test of CUET 2024 in their exam preparation. Aspiring students can prepare for the CUET UG exam by accessing the CUET UG mock test PDF 2024 from the table below. Candidates can improve by practising the CUET UG mock test and score well in the CUET exam 2024. This also helps applicants being familiar with the CUET 2024 exam pattern, questions and syllabus of the CUET 2024.

Candidates can take the CUET 2024 exam mock test by clicking on the CUET mock test PDF 2024 link given below. With the help of free CUET mock test, students can get a better understanding of the entrance exam, as well as be familiar with the time management on the actual exam day. Candidates are advised to practise the CUET free mock tests to make strategic planning for the preparation of the CUET 2024. We have listed NTA CUET 2024 mock test PDF for the aspirants in the table below. Preparing with CUET mock test PDF can be an important step towards CUET exam preparation. Go through the entire article to learn more about the CUET UG mock test 2024 subjects, schedule, sample papers and other important details.

CUET Free Mock Test 2024 PDF

The students appearing for the CUET UG 2024 can score more marks by practising the CUET UG 2024 mock test for the CUET 2024 by clicking on the links below. Candidates can take the CUET mock test 2024 free of cost by clicking on the NTA CUET UG mock test link. We have compiled links for the candidates to access CUET mock test free PDF. Students can download subject wise tests such as CUET mock test physics, etc from the table below.

Manipal Centre for Humanities Admissions 2024

Accorded Institution of Eminence by Govt of India, NAAC A++ Accredited, Ranked #6 by NIRF

Ahmedabad University | BA (Honours) Admissions 2024

UGC recognized University | NAAC 'A' Grade | Merit & need-based scholarships available

Subject Wise CUET Mock Test 2024

List of Colleges/Universities accepting CUET 2024
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How to Take CUET Mock Test 2024

The CUET mock test 2024 NTA PDF helps candidates to improve their preparation for CUET 2024. The mock test for CUET act as an exact replica of the real examination. CUET mock test registration is compulsory to take the mock test of CUET 2024. By solving CUET UG 2024 mock test candidates can identify the gaps in their subject knowledge and rectify them before giving the CUET exam. Students are encouraged to check the free CUET mock test in the table above.

Galgotias University | Admissions 2024

NAAC A+ Grade | 1.5 CR-Highest Package

Sharda University Admissions 2024

North India's Largest Educational Group | NAAC A+ Grade | Highest Package 1 Cr | Scholarships upto 100% | Last date : 30th Apr'24

In addition to improving retention, CUET mock test free PDF help aspiring candidates manage their time according to their difficulty level. Therefore, candidates should practise the mock test CUET 2024 and improve their scores. The NTA mock test CUET helps the candidates immensely in terms of understanding time management during the actual examination. There is CUET mock tests for UG programmes for many subjects like English, Hindi, Political Science CUET mock test, etc. Students can download CUET mock test PDF in the table mentioned above.

How to attempt CUET 2024 Mock Test for Free

Students preparing for CUET must solve the NTA mock test CUET as a part of their exam preparation. To take CUET official mock test, candidates are advised to follow these steps below:

  • Visit the official website -
  • Click on the mock test of CUET 2024.
  • Select the exam you want to appear in.
  • Select the paper you want to appear.
  • Click on "Start CUET Mock Test".

Note: Candidates are advised to track their progress after taking the CUET UG mock test NTA.

Steps to take Free CUET 2024 Mock Test

Step 1. Visit the official website -

Step 2. Select “Click here” from the NTA mock test.


Step -3. After the successful log-in, the candidate's computer terminal will display the NTA mock test PDF paper selection. Candidates need to select the following, and then click on "Start NTA CUET Mock Test ". To start the CUET official mock test, candidates are required to enter the following details:

  • Exam name

  • Year

  • Month

  • Paper/Subject

  • Language


Step 4. Now, the candidate will be able to view detailed instructions for the examination. Candidates should read through the instructions carefully regarding the type of questions and marking scheme. The candidates will be able to view the questions on the computer screen at the designated time for the start of the examination.


Step 5. Click on the 'Proceed' and the NTA CUET mock test will start.


Step 6. After clicking on the 'Proceed' the NTA mock test will appear on the screen. On the right side of the screen, a palette will show the status of each question using the following symbols.


Step 7. Candidates have to answer the questions by choosing one of the four choices available and then click on the ‘Save and Next’ button. This way, candidates can save the current answer and move on to the next question.


Step 8. Candidates can change the answer/response of a question by clicking on the ‘Clear Response’ tab and then click on the current answer bubble.

Step 9. To save the modified answer, click on the ‘Mark for Review & Next’ or ‘Save & Next' button.

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CUET Mock Test 2024 Free - General Instructions

  • Follow the exam instructions exactly, while practising the NTA CUET mock test, for an effective preparation.

  • Applicants can take the CUET 2024 mock test in online mode only. There is no requirement for CUET mock test registration, as whoever applied for the CUET UG exam can practice the CUET mock test free.

  • Rough sheets are available for CUET official mock test-takers.

  • Candidates must attempt all the questions in the CUET samarth mock test paper.

  • The CUET mock test PDF provides exact options to the actual exam, such as allowing you to skip, leave, or mark any question to be attempted later and move on to the next question or any question on the mock test.

  • Candidates are rewarded 5 marks for each correct answer while 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.

  • Candidates can also clear any response or answer marked during the CUET mock test free.

  • In the CUET mock test 2024, candidates are required to select one correct answer from a list of four available options.

  • Candidates can take CUET 2024 mock test free as many times as possible.

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Understand CUET Syllabus By Giving Mock Test

The CUET mock test 2024 consists of CUET 2024 syllabus which can help candidates for their preparation of the Common University Entrance Test. It is important to understand that mock test for CUET simulates the actual exam experience which eventually prepares the students for the actual exam. Candidates appeared for the CUET mock test can score more marks by practising the CUET 2024 syllabus. Check the table mentioned below to know more about the NTA CUET mock test 2024 syllabus.

CUET Mock Test 2024 Syllabus



Languages (IA & IB)

  1. Reading Comprehension - Factual, Narrative, Literary.

  2. Verbal Ability

  3. Rearranging the parts.

  4. Choosing the correct word.

  5. Synonyms and Antonyms.

  6. Vocabulary.

Domain specific subjects

Topics related to the individual subject

Logical & Analytical Reasoning

  1. Logical Sequences.

  2. Directions.

  3. Series.

  4. Puzzles.

  5. Seating Arrangements.

  6. Cocks & Calendars.

  7. Syllogisms.

  8. Analogies.

Numerical Ability

  1. Basics of Algebra.

  2. Number System.

  3. Areas like arithmetic

  4. Modern Maths

General Awareness and Current Affairs

  1. Static general knowledge.

  2. Current Affairs (domestic & global)

Benefits of Taking CUET Mock Test 2024

  • Practising through the NTA CUET mock test for a good amount of time allows applicants to increase their speed and enhance their problem-solving skills.

  • Candidates can score more marks in the examination by practising the CUET English mock test PDF.

  • Practice is the key to perfection, solving mock test papers will help NTA CUET mock test PDF candidates to calculate how much time is required to solve the questions from each section.

  • Students should practise the CUET mock test 2024 PDF regularly to become familiar with the CUET exam pattern.

  • Practicing NTA CUET mock test also helps the candidates understand the time management.

  • While practising questions via CUET mock test 2024 free candidates can mark the questions they are not able to answer, and after the test ends, they can look into the answer and revise that topic, it will help them to recognise the gaps in their preparation and they will be able to rectify them.

  • With multiple CUET 2024 mock tests, candidates get familiarised with exam-like scenarios, where candidates can find new ways to solve the same questions of the CUET mock test free.

Tips For Getting Good Marks in the NTA CUET Mock Test

Candidates should follow the steps mentioned below to score more marks in the mock test CUET and in CUET UG exam 2024. Candidates must download CUET mock test free PDF from the official website, to improve their CUET preparation.

  • Understanding the CUET exam pattern and syllabus will help students to score more marks in the CUET mock test.

  • Candidates should set a weekly target while taking NTA CUET mock test
    ,to gain more confidence.

  • Reading News paper daily can help in improving the reading, vocabulary, comprehension and grammar skills of the candidates is a good way of scoring well in CUET mock test NTA.

  • Be thorough with all the concepts and subjects to score more marks in the CUET mock test free PDF.

Key Features of CUET Mock Tests

  • CUET mock tests contain both easy and difficult level questions for candidates to appear.

  • Candidates can get information about repetitive questions like previous year questions asked in the CUET NTA mock test.

  • CUET English mock tests will also boost the confidence level of the candidates to score more marks in the CUET 2024.

Why Should You Attempt the CUET Mock Test?

  • CUET mock test 2024 NTA will challenges and improves the candidate’s problem solving skills.

  • Candidates can know more about the CUET syllabus by attempting the CUET free mock test.

  • The CUET exam mock test allows the students to experience the actual exam day scenario.

  • NTA mock test CUET 2024 can be helpful for students to revise all the topics.

  • The cuet. samarth. ac. in mock test are also helpful in the preparation of CUET exam 2024.

CUET Sample Papers 2024

Apart from mock tests for CUET, candidates are required to solve CUET 2024 sample papers to score better. Candidates can also visit the official website to access the CUET mock test free. The CUET exam sample papers serve as an additional tool to understand the syllabus. By solving CUET sample papers, aspiring candidates can get a clear-cut idea about their CUET 2024 preparation, hence it is strongly advised to practice sample papers after completing the whole CUET syllabus 2024.

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How to Prepare for CUET 2024 Entrance Exam

  • Applicants should study all the topics/subtopics provided in the syllabus and clear their doubts before taking the exam.

  • Candidates will be able to gain insight about the questions appearing in the test by practising with sample questions, previous year's question papers, and CUET mock tests 2024.

  • While preparing candidates must go through the CUET exam pattern as well as the CUET syllabus for multiple UG/PG and Integrated PG programmes.

  • Candidates can also prepare a schedule for NTA official mock test for CUET 2024 which allocates a specific amount of time for each topic and subject. Adhering to the schedule will allow candidates to complete the syllabus quickly and still have time for revisions.

  • During the CUET preparation, candidates must maintain their health so that they can do better each day.

  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes while solving CUET exam mock test, as the purpose of these mock tests are to allow the students to make mistakes so that they do not repeat the same on the actual exam.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How do I take the CUET mock test 2024?

You can take the CUET 2024 mock test from the links in this article or by visiting the online portal of the NTA website.

2. How many sections are included in NTA mock test CUET?

There will be 4 sections in the CUET 2024 mock test.

3. What types of questions are asked in CUET mock test by NTA?

CUET mock test is conducted for only Multiple choice questions (MCQ).

4. What subjects are included in the CUET mock test?

NTA CUET mock test is conducted for English, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Home Science, Accountancy, Biology and more subjects.

5. Is NTA mock test useful?

Candidates who solves the NTA CUET mock tests can score more marks in the CUET exam 2024.

6. How to prepare for CUET 2024 Economics exam?

Candidates must go through the Economics CUET mock test 2024 to score more marks in the examination.

7. Can I attempt all 50 questions in CUET?

According to the CUET 2024 exam pattern:

In section - IA & IB - Candidates must attempt 40 out of 50 questions.

In section - 2 - Candidates must attempt 35 out of 40 questions.

In section - 3 - Students must appear 50 out of 60 questions.

8. Is NTA CUET mock test free?

The CUET mock test is a free resource that provides candidates with the opportunity to practice numerous questions, helping to build their self-assurance.

9. Is it easy to pass CUET?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the CUET 2024 exam to offer admissions for various UG and PG programmes in several participating universities. So, the CUET exam won't be that hard for candidates.

10. Which mock test is best for CUET?

CUET mock exam available on Careers360 is the one of the best platforms to practice the CUET mock tests for free. 

11. How to take the CUET English mock test?

Candidates can appear for the CUET English mock test by visiting the official website at and clicking on the “CUET English mock test PDF” link.

12. Is there any mock test for CUET?

Yes, there are mock tests available for CUET 2024 exam on the official website and on the Careers360 platform. Candidates can download online mock test for CUET from either of these sources.


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Questions related to CUET UG

Have a question related to CUET UG ?

Hello aspirant,

Candidates can learn the questions that will be asked in the CUET UG entrance test by downloading the CUET question papers pdf and using them as a study guide for the Common University Entrance Test. Students can better comprehend the exam format, question formats, and key themes covered by using the CUET previous year question papers with answers pdf.

To get previous year CUET question papers with answers, you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

Hello aspirant

This is a big mistake , how can you select a wrong board.  Anyways as correction window is closed , nothing  can be done now .

First thing don't be panic , think calmly , send a mail to official website of cuet .

If they are responding it is well and good . You won't face difficulty at the time of entrance exam but at the time of counseling this issue can create a great problem.

If you are not getting response to your mail , you woll have to go to venue of cuet . Any how you will have to solve this issue otherwise your one year time will get wasted.

Hii There,

Students aspiring to enroll in undergraduate programs at leading universities in India need to prepare for the CUET entrance exam. The syllabus for the CUET exam is published on the official website of the National Testing Agency at

For more information, please visit:



Submitting your NEET form with your surname, even if it is not on your Aadhar card, should generally not cause significant trouble. Since you have already requested a correction in your Aadhar card, keep proof of your request and any acknowledgment. If the correction is not processed before the NEET correction window ends, inform NEET authorities and follow their guidance.

Hope this helps you,

Thank you


It is very essential to follow the guidelines provided by the exam conducting authority regarding passport size photos. Using a different photo than the one specified in the exam application form may lead to complications or even disqualification from the exam. Always ensure that you adhere to the specified requirements to avoid any issues during the exam process.

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