Panjab University Courses 2018

Panjab University CoursesPanjab University Courses 2018 –  Panjab University offers a number of Panjab University 2018 courses in 192 of the affiliated colleges. The various undergraduate and postgraduate courses are mainly classified under faculties including Commerce and Science. This article on Panjab University 2018 courses will provide candidates with an overview of the programmes taught in the University under various departments and faculties. Thus, candidates interested in pursuing the three year B.Com and B.Sc degree programmes in Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science & Applications, Microbiology and Zoology, Anthropology, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Geology, Mathematics, Physics from Panjab University can look into the various courses provided by the University before filling up the admission form. The application forms for the B.Sc Programme is available on the website from March 12, 2018. The last date to submit the completed application form is April 6, 2018. Read the complete article below to know more about Panjab University courses 2018.


Panjab University 2018 Courses - Programmes offered by Panjab University

Panjab University offers a number of courses classified under the faculties - Science and Commerce. The list of Panjab University courses 2018 as enlisted below may help candidates in choosing the course of their choice while filling Admission Form of Panjab University. Further candidates are also advised to read and understand Panjab University Eligibility Criteria for each of the offered programmes of Panjab University admission 2018.


Panjab University 2018 Courses for UG/ PG

Candidates can find below the list of courses offered by Panjab University.


Panjab University Courses 2018 - Undergraduate Courses

<p ">S. No.<p ">Course
<p ">1<p ">B.Com
<p ">2<p ">B.Sc (Hons.) Biochemistry
<p ">3<p ">B.Sc (Hons.) Botany
<p ">4<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Chemistry
<p ">5<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Computer Science & Applications
<p ">6<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Microbiology and Zoology
<p ">7<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Anthropology
<p ">8<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Biophysics
<p ">9<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Biotechnology
<p ">10<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Geology
<p ">11<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Mathematics
<p ">12<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Physics
<p ">13<p ">5 yr Integrated B.Sc. & M.Sc in Fashion & Life Style
<p ">14<p ">B.Sc(Hons.) Physics and Electronics
<p ">15<p ">B.E. in Chemical
<p ">16<p ">B.E. in Food Technology
<p ">17<p ">B.E. in Biotechnology
<p ">18<p ">B.E. in Electronics & Communication Engg.
<p ">19<p ">B.E. in Information Technology
<p ">20<p ">B.E. in Computer Science & Engg
<p ">21<p ">B.E. in Mechanical Engg
<p ">22<p ">B.E. in Electrical Engg.

Panjab University Courses 2018 – Professional Undergraduate Courses

<p ">1<p ">BDS
<p ">2<p ">LL.B
<p ">3<p ">LL.B (5 year integrated)
<p ">4<p ">B.Ed (4 yr. integrated)
<p ">5<p ">B. Pharma
<p ">6<p ">B.E. (Chemical) with MBA -5 yr Integrated Course

Panjab University 2018 Courses - Master Courses

<p ">S.No.<p ">Course
<p ">1<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Biochemistry
<p ">2<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Botany
<p ">3<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Chemistry
<p ">4<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Computer Science & Applications
<p ">5<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Microbiology and Zoology
<p ">6<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Anthropology
<p ">7<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Biophysics
<p ">8<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Biotechnology
<p ">9<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Geology
<p ">10<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Mathematics
<p ">11<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Physics
<p ">12<p ">M.Sc(Hons.) Physics and Electronics
<p ">13<p ">M.Sc Biotechnology
<p ">14<p ">M.Sc Human Genomics
<p ">15<p ">M.Sc Environment Science
<p ">16<p ">M.Sc Mathematics
<p ">17<p ">M.Sc Statistics
<p ">18<p ">M.A. Ancient Indian History
<p ">19<p ">M.A. Culture & Archaeology
<p ">20<p ">M.A. Defence and National Security Studies
<p ">21<p ">M.A. Economics
<p ">22<p ">M.A. Education
<p ">23<p ">M.A. French
<p ">24<p ">M.A. Geography
<p ">25<p ">M.A. German
<p ">26<p ">M.A. Hindi
<p ">27<p ">M.A. History
<p ">28<p ">M.A. Panjabi
<p ">29<p ">M.A. Philosophy
<p ">30<p ">M.A. Political Science
<p ">31<p ">M.A. Psychology
<p ">32<p ">M.A. Public Administration
<p ">33<p ">M.A. Sociology
<p ">34<p ">M.A. Urdu
<p ">35<p ">M.Ed.
<p ">36<p ">M.Ed. (Guidance and Counseling)
<p ">37<p ">M.Ed. (Educational Technology)
<p ">38<p ">M.A. English,Gandhian and Peace Studies
<p ">39<p ">M.A. History of Art
<p ">40<p ">M.A. Indian Theatre
<p ">41<p ">M.A. Music (Instrumental + Vocal)
<p ">42<p "> M.A. Sanskrit
<p ">43<p ">Mass Communication and Journalism (2 yr. course)
<p ">44<p ">M.Sc. Solid Waste Management
<p ">45<p ">M.Sc. System Biology & Bioinformatics
<p ">46<p ">Masters in Medical Physics
<p ">47<p ">Masters in Nuclear Medicine
<p ">48<p ">Masters in Public Health
<p ">49<p ">Masters in Police Administration
<p ">50<p "> Masters in Social Work, Human Masters in Rights & Duties
<p ">51<p ">Masters in Stem-Cell and Tissue Engineering(H.S.)
<p ">52<p ">Masters in Microbial Biotechnology
<p ">53<p ">Masters in Remote Sensing & GIS Master in Disaster Management
<p ">54<p ">Masters in Physics and Electronics

Panjab University Courses 2018 – Professional Postgraduate Courses

<p ">S.No.<p ">Courses
<p ">1<p ">LL.M.
<p ">2<p ">M.B.A.
<p ">3<p ">M.B.A. (Executive)
<p ">4<p ">M.B.A. (Bio-technology)
<p ">5<p ">M.B.A. (Retail Management)
<p ">6<p ">M.B.A. (Telecommunication and IT)
<p ">7<p ">M.B.A. (Infrastructural Management)
<p ">8<p ">M.B.A. (Pharmaceutical Management)
<p ">9<p ">M.B.A. (Hospital Administration)
<p ">10<p ">M.Com. (E-commerce)
<p ">11<p ">M. Pharma
<p ">12<p ">M. Lib. & Information Science
<p ">13<p ">M.A. Physical Education
<p ">14<p ">M. Pharm. In Drug Discovery & Drug Development
<p ">15<p ">M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance


Panjab University Courses 2018 – Post-M. Sc. Course

<p ">S.No.<p ">Courses
<p ">1<p ">Post-M. Sc. Course in Accelerator Physics
<p ">2<p ">Post-M. Sc. Course in Advanced Scientific Computation (Physics Department)

Panjab University Courses 2018 – M. Phil. Courses

<p ">S.No.<p ">Courses
<p ">1<p ">M.Phil in Economics
<p ">2<p ">M.Phil in Gandhian Studies
<p ">3<p ">M.Phil in Geography
<p ">4<p ">M.Phil in Political Science
<p ">5<p ">M.Phil in Psychology
<p ">6<p ">M.Phil in Public Administration
<p ">7<p ">M.Phil in Sociology
<p ">8<p ">M.Phil in Women/Gender Studies
<p ">9<p ">M.Phil in English
<p ">10<p ">M.Phil in Guru Granth Sahib Studies
<p ">11<p ">M.Phil in Panjabi
<p ">12<p ">M.Phil in Physical Education
<p ">13<p ">M.Phil in Music
<p ">14<p ">M.Phil in Botany
<p ">15<p ">M.Phil in Physics
<p ">16<p ">M.Phil in Statistics and Zoology
<p ">17<p ">M.Phil in Defence & Strategic Studies

Panjab University Courses 2018 – Ph.D. Courses

<p ">S.No.<p ">Courses
<p ">1<p ">Ph.D in Centre for Women Studies
<p ">2<p ">Ph.D in commerce
<p ">3<p ">Ph.D in Defence Studies
<p ">4<p ">Ph.D in Economics
<p ">5<p ">Ph.D in Education Gandhian Studies
<p ">6<p ">Ph.D in Geography
<p ">7<p ">Ph.D in History
<p ">8<p ">Ph.D in History of Arts
<p ">9<p ">Ph.D in Indian Theatre
<p ">10<p ">Ph.D in Music
<p ">11<p ">Ph.D in Management
<p ">12<p ">Ph.D in Philosophy
<p ">13<p ">Ph.D in Political Science
<p ">14<p ">Ph.D in Psychology
<p ">15<p ">Ph.D in Public Administration
<p ">16<p ">Ph.D in Sociology
<p ">17<p ">Ph.D in Chinese/Tibetan
<p ">18<p ">Ph.D in English
<p ">19<p ">Ph.D in French
<p ">20<p ">Ph.D in Hindi
<p ">21<p ">Ph.D in Panjabi
<p ">22<p ">Ph.D in Russian
<p ">23<p ">Ph.D in Urdu/Persian
<p ">24<p ">Ph.D in Anthropology
<p ">25<p ">Ph.D in Bio-Chemistry
<p ">26<p ">Ph.D in Bio-Physics
<p ">27<p ">Ph.D in Biotechnology
<p ">28<p ">Ph.D in Chemistry
<p ">29<p ">Ph.D in Computer Science & Applications
<p ">30<p ">Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering
<p ">31<p ">Ph.D in Chemical Engineering and Technology
<p ">32<p ">Ph.D in Environmental Studies
<p ">33<p ">Ph.D in Geology
<p ">34<p ">Ph.D in Microbiology
<p ">35<p ">Ph.D in Physics
<p ">36<p ">Ph.D in Statistics
<p ">37<p ">Ph.D in Zoology

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