JAM 2016 Virtual Calculator Available For Practise!

JAM 2016 Virtual CalculatorJAM 2016 Virtual Calculator is now available for the JAM aspirants to practise and familiarise themselves with its working. The Jam 2016 Virtual Calculator has been introduced in JAM 2016 and candidates therefore will not be allowed to carry a physical calculator along with them to the exam centres.

The JAM 2016 exam is completely online and will be held for 7 papers. Candidates appearing for it will have to use the JAM 2016 virtual calculator provided in the online test system for their calculations.

Exam: JAM 2016


Details of the JAM 2016 Online Calculator:

  • The JAM 2016 virtual calculator is now available for JAM 2016 aspirants to practice and get familiar with its working.

  • JAM 2016 applicants can use it for practicing the calculations required for answering the questions in the JAM 2016 exam

  • The announcement of the use of the JAM 2016 virtual calculator has raised concerns amongst many students about its usage and whether they will be able to use it in the exam.

  • To alleviate the concerns of the students, IIT Madras has announced the facility of practicing through the mock virtual calculator

  • Candidates will not be allowed to carry physical calculators with them to the exam hall for JAM 2016.

  • The JAM 2016 Virtual Calculator will be incorporated in the online test for candidates to use during their exam.

Any feedback after testing the JAM 2016 Virtual Calculator or any problems with it can be communicated to [email protected].

Practise on the JAM 2016 Virtual Calculator:

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