CIC directs Universities not to charge over Rs. 2 for answer sheet copy

CIC asks Universities not to charge over Rs. 2Universities in India will not be able to charge over Rs. 2 from candidates for receiving copies of evaluated answer sheets now onwards, as per the recent directions from the Central Information Commission (CIC) of India. A media report reflects that according to the directive by CIC on January 15, 2016, universities can’t exceed the fees over Rs. 2 per page of the answer sheet. The order by CIC came in the wake of deciding on an appeal made by a DU student Abne Ingty to CIC, who claimed that he was charged Rs. 750 per question paper for accessing the answer sheets under the RTI Act.

The directive has come as a relief to several university students who have been facing problems either with delays in getting their evaluated answer sheets or have been excessively overcharged for the same.

Sharing his thoughts with the media house, Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Sridhar Acharyulu said, “Delhi University, by imposing a high fee of Rs 750 for providing access to answer sheets under the RTI Act, has created two classes of students - those who can afford to have a copy by paying Rs 750 and those who cannot - which is a clear breach of right to equality guaranteed by Article 14 of the Constitution.''

While the CIC has directed the University Grants Commission (UGC) and Association of Indian Universities (AIU) to do all that is required to get the directive implemented across all academic and examining bodies, it has also ordered MHRD to ensure a mandate for universities so as to bringing uniformity in rules and regulations by fixing a cost not more than Rs. 2 per page as the cost of receiving copies of evaluated answer sheets.

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