Top Indian Recruiters: ‘We hire people who have right attitude and behaviour,’ says Senior GM-HR, ICICI Bank

mr-tk-srirangCareers360 in conversation with TK Srirang, Senior General Manager and Head– HR, ICICI Bank, brings you insights on bank’s hiring processes. In this interview the ICICI Bank senior General Manager shares his views at the evolving HR practices in India.

Read on to know what Mr. Srirang tells about mismatch of qualifications and job-readiness.


Careers360: How do you look at the evolving HR practices in India?
TK Srirang: We believe that technology will continue to be the biggest disrupter of existing HR practices as well as for creating innovative HR service delivery platforms. ICICI Bank’s approach towards retaining talent is anchored around a strong belief in the potential and the ability of youth. Based on this belief, the Bank has established, in 2007, a slew of industry academia programmes which prepare fresh graduates for a career in banking. The Bank believes in taking early bets on people and entrusts them with large responsibilities ahead of time. We are focused on creating leaders with a wealth of cross-functional experience and exposure to diverse perspectives, thus creating ‘leaders’ rather than just functional heads or domain experts.

Careers360: Could you share your views on campus hiring for ICICI Bank?  
TK Srirang: Campus hiring continues to be one of the most important channels for inducting talent into the Bank. ICICI Bank continues to be the preferred employer of choice at all prestigious institutes.  The talent from such institutes is specifically groomed by the Bank for future leadership positions. We hire from across management, legal, engineering and graduate campuses. We believe that talent is not restricted to any particular educational stream and thus focus on getting the ‘right hire’ for the Bank in terms of attitude and cultural fit.


Careers360: What are the required skills-sets for fresh graduates? What kind of profiles do you consider?
TK Srirang: The Bank does not have bias towards aspirants from any specific stream of education. Its selection process is designed to encourage aspirants from all streams. It attracts talent from metro cities as well as rural and semi-rural areas. The selection process at the Bank focuses on identifying people who fit the culture of the Bank and have social skills, the right attitude and competencies required to excel at the job.

Careers360: Is there a mismatch between qualifications and job-readiness?
TK Srirang: ICICI Bank follows the ‘making talent’ strategy. The Bank invests in early identification of young managers who could be groomed to take leadership positions in future. The Bank focuses on identifying people with the right attitude and behaviours required to excel at the job and do not over-emphasize English linguistic skills. As a result, the Bank is able to tap a large pool of talent from both urban and rural markets. Given the employment scenario in India which has a gap in terms of demand and supply of industry-ready talent, we believe that organizations should intervene at the supply side. Our two-pronged strategy is as follows:

  1. Systemic interventions: The Bank has launched several industry-academia initiatives (ICICI Manipal Academy, IFBI, ICICI Sales Academy, etc.) to provide “job-ready” talent for itself and the banking sector.

  2. Internal Interventions: The Bank has set up several role-linked functional academies to provide requisite knowledge and skills to newly acquired and existing talent in the organization.

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