Top Indian recruiters: ‘We reach out to the right audience at the right time to fit our needs,’ says Hinduja Global Solutions, Global HR Head

Anthony JosephCareers360 interviews Anthony Joseph, Global HR Head, Hinduja Global Solutions digs into the on-campus recruitment process in Indian institutions. Read here what the expert recruiter shares about what the business process management leader looks for in Indian candidates.

Careers360: What are the HR perspectives you keep in mind while going for campus recruitment?
Anthony Joseph
: There are basically two phases we follow as part of the process. In the pre-campus recruitment phase, we evaluate requirements from business units and create a ready-reckoner with information such as number of recruits needed, location-wise needs and type of roles available.  Based on this, we look for educational institutions across India, which fit our requirements in terms of location, streams available and quality of students. We then connect with them to find common ground for recruitment, and follow this up with organizing interviews and placements.

This is not an easy task, and involves a lot of information gathering, planning, co-ordination, communication, networking ability and speed. And we have a dedicated team that works on campus recruitment every year; they also conduct regular orientation sessions in colleges and business schools about the company, how we hire, scope of work and growth for the employees.


Careers360: Do you keep in mind global positions while hiring from India?
Anthony Joseph
: As a global company, we always focus on recruiting employees who can be a perfect fit for the company and the roles they are hired for, irrespective of locations.


Careers360: Does HGS also have tie-up with higher education institutions in India?
Anthony Joseph
: Apart from ongoing campus visit activity across India, HGS does have tie-ups with specific higher educational institutions, which are based on NAAC accreditation, reputation, performance of the students and the infrastructure, and on matching our eligibility criteria. We have seen good results from this, and intend to keep adding to the list, depending on our requirements.


Careers360: How many institutions do you visit every year?
Anthony Joseph
: HGS visits about 100 institutions across India – both in metros and non-metros – and picks up close to 500 fresh graduates each year… so naming them would be tough. What we focus on is reaching out to the right audience at the right time to fit our needs, and this can be across streams and locations.


Careers360: What suggestions would you like to give to fresh graduates aspiring to get into the industry?
Anthony Joseph: The career opportunities are limitless in the BPM industry. There is no rule to educational qualification… what we require are committed people, open to working and growing in this industry. However, as we explore new areas of growth such as verticalized offerings, pricing models and delivery approaches, we require people who have the ability to go beyond the generalist scope…to become specialists. We need domain experts, who understand industry requirements and who can help us deliver value-added solutions to our clients.


So go beyond the syllabus…learn new technologies, master social media or improve your selling skills through credits or online courses. It will help boost your employability factor. 


Our recruiters now follow a skill-based hiring process, where they look for and hire professionals who are well-versed in technologies like social media, cloud, analytics, mobility and Big Data, or domain-specific skills. This process also leverages technology and social media as primary platforms to reach out to the potential candidates, especially in the Gen Y category.


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