Top Indian Recruiters: Accenture is an inspirational career place for many, says MD- HR

Parag PandeCareers360 interviews Parag Pande, Managing Director of Human Resource at Accenture, who shares that the global giant is engaged in management consulting, technology and outsourcing services. In this interview, Mr. Pande also shares what he considers while on mission campus recruitment.


Read on to know what the HR MD says about the hiring trends in India.

Careers360: Accenture is a global brand that people want to associate with. How do you look at this perception?
Parag Pande: At Accenture, we pride ourselves on being a global organization. We have a global network of 3,73,000 people who deliver high quality solutions and services to clients in 120 countries. We truly live our global culture at Accenture, and it is one of our core values.  Delivery for our clients across our businesses happens from across geographies and therefore, our people get a real-time opportunity to team and interface with peers and leadership across the world. Living these values of a global organization is apparent in every aspect of work we do. Our people believe in it and are our ambassadors of this culture. This is what makes Accenture an aspirational career place for many candidates.

Careers360: Looking from the perspective of Human Resources, what all things do you keep in mind while going for campus recruitment?
Parag Pande: During campus placement, we look for high quality talent which will enable our clients with digital transformation. This means that candidates need to have sound academic foundations along with a blend of good aptitude, attitude, good communication skills and learning agility.

Careers360: How have hiring trends changed in India? What are the new elements that recruiters look for?
Parag Pande: In the past, domain expertise ruled. Today, while domain expertise is important, the other aspects I have mentioned above have begun to gain equal weightage. This is because technology is shrinking the world into a global workplace and people across the world come together to develop cutting edge digital solutions. Given the high pace of change, comfort with change and learning agility are the things that  keep people ahead. Post identifying individuals with these traits, we make sure we equip them well by imparting world class training, ensuring their and our collective success.


Careers360: Does Accenture also keep in mind global positions while hiring in India?
Parag Pande: We are a position-based organization and therefore, location is not the most important criteria for consideration while filling open positions. If the position can be fulfilled out of India or any other geography for that matter, we will position it accordingly. In fact, some of our key global leadership positions are filled out of India.

Careers360: Which all institutions do Accenture visit every year to get the best possible talent?
Parag Pande: I have mentioned the criteria we look for, above. We build relationships and hire from all institutions that meet the requirement.

Careers360: What suggestions you would like to give to fresh graduates aspiring to get into the industry?
Parag Pande: The first and foremost advice is, focus on learning. Learning is a journey and not an examination. Be confident. Aspire high. Communicate, innovate. Stay a step ahead and be ready for the future. Good luck!  

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