India’s FLAME University partners with Wellesley College USA to strengthen academic activities

FLAME University partners with Wellesley College USA FLAME University, Pune announced collaboration with Wellesley College, Massachusetts, United States on Wednesday, April 19 aiming to enhance academic excellence between both institutions. The partnership will facilitate international academic exchange, develop academic and scientific relationships and support collaborative research activities.


The association commenced with a pilot study abroad programme wherein three students from FLAME University were invited to attend the Spring 2017 semester at Wellesley. The collaboration will facilitate international academic exchange and support collaborative research activities. Under the agreement, international collaborative activities between the two institutions shall include but will not be limited to: curriculum development, research collaborations, faculty exchanges, student exchanges, and conduction of experiential learning programs, like FLAME’s flagship Discover India Program, among other academic areas.


Celebrating the association, Vallabh Bhanshali, Governing Body Member of FLAME University, commented, “We are honored and privileged to deepen our association with Wellesley College, USA. The academic collaboration between FLAME and Wellesley has multiple objectives, but will primarily focus on enhancing the liberal education ethos of both the institutions. This collaboration with Wellesley reinforces our commitment to liberal education and to enhance the academic experience of students and faculty of both institutions. FLAME University has existing agreements with the most reputed institutions worldwide including Nuffield College – University of Oxford in the United Kingdom; Babson College and Yale University in the United States; and York University in Canada. The academic collaboration with Wellesley is amongst the deepest relationship that FLAME has and we hope to continue to build our relationship in the times to come.”


Discussions of a potential association had begun in early 2016 when Members of the Board of FLAME University had met with the senior leadership team of Wellesley College consisting of the Provost, academic department heads, centre heads and the head of the office of international study at their campus in Massachusetts during Spring 2016.


On behalf of Wellesley College, Jennifer Thomas-Starck, Director of International Study at the institute expressed, “During our visit to FLAME University and the meetings held with their leadership team, it became evident that Wellesley College and FLAME University shared multiple commonalities. FLAME University’s focus on providing quality liberal arts education is in line with Wellesley College's desire in increasing educational and cultural programming relating to India.”

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