Public and Private B-schools Ranking 2013


THE ANNOUNCEMENT of any ranking is a cause for jubilation for top ranked schools

Our survey of 200 B-schools  was quite revealing. We found that most of them had 30-50% campus placements at Rs. 12-18,000 salary p.m. The value of MBA is decreasing says Nishant Saxena, of Elements Akademia, an employability training corporation. On the other hand, as Merril Diniz cites elsewhere in the magazine, despite the closure of many B-Schools a good programme has perpetual value and there is increased clamour to get into a good school. So should you do an MBA, and if so exactly where?

Our research tells us, there is an opportunity out there, but not for everybody. We painstakingly went through over 15,000 profiles of MBAs who graduated in 2012 to see where they stand. Even big schools had plenty of profiles where the students are still identifying themselves as a summer trainee, which means they have not a found a suitable job. But we also found profiles where the candidates have moved jobs within a few months of graduating. So opportunities do exist. But grabbing that needs initiative and effort, and a little help on the side with right campus selection.

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How to use the ranking?

Identifying a good school matters a lot in the long run.  So our ranking has been arranged in terms of parameters that will help you do so. The input parameters discuss the quality of student and faculty of a school. If a good quality of campus matters to you, straight away look at the residential facilities section of the process ranking.

We have for the first time in the country done away with rating a school based on its own submissions regarding publications. We commissioned a researcher to examine Web of Science and Scopus to look at what Indian schools have been up to the last few years. The results are dismal to say the least. Indian schools have just about 1356 publications for the last five years, that too by about 177 schools. An average of less than two per year. So if research is your forte, Indian schools may not be your cup of tea, though it is now changing with research intensive schools like ISB Hyderabad establishing themselves.

New features
Two new ranks have been added to our portfolio, a first ever alumni ranking of B-Schools and an independent research output ranking. The former critically looks at how the young alumni of the B-schools fare. Ranking of alumni based on their time of graduation is on the anvil. We intend to produce a ranking wherein we will examine the type of career growth that a B-School degree might offer you.

Look before you leap
All rankings are fundamentally measures in abstraction. The two years of experience (one year in case you go for a place like ISB) is varied and dynamic. Each ranking attempts to capture and tell you the value of such an experience based on a set of parameters. They necessarily will leave out lots of issues and aspects. So do not blindly go by rankings. Careers360 is launching  a counselling service shortly to essentially help students take a more informed decision. Read on and look forward to know your valuable response... 

Into its fourth edition, we have fine-tuned our INPUT-PROCESS-OUTPUT methodology to arrive at 12 most important parameters on which we rank the B-Schools. We started this year’s exercise too by looking at the latest mandatory disclosures made available by eligible B-Schools on their websites, in order to our large database. This was supplemented by a questionnaire mailed to all the 2000+ schools in our database. Of them 93 schools responded to us. The quality and quantity of responses were diverse, ranging from e-mails containing partially answered questionnaire to meticulous submissions in hard copy. However, some schools which did not meet the eligibility criteria were not included in the ranking.
This was followed by an exhaustive exercise of verification and scrutiny of the submitted data. While the state B-Schools exhibited a general apathy and diffidence in disclosing data, most of the respondents were prone to overstatement of their virtues. In fact the quality of data submitted in favour of publications is so poor that this year we had to completely outsource the research on publications to an agency.

This resulted in an exclusive ranking of top 44 colleges that have a verifiable publication record. In continuation of our initiative last year, this year too, we shall be presenting a key to ranking on our portal which would enable a B-School to calculate its own rank and help a lay reader grasp the true meaning of each and every score and how it reflects the positioning of a B-School.  We hope our exercise will help bring a new era of honesty and transparency in the way B-Schools are ranked and analysed 

Evaluation scheme of Careers360 B-School Ranking 2013
Section Weightage
Student Experience
Students> 2yrs exp
Percentile Cut-off
Research Faculty
Student to core faculty ratio
Industry Exp & Global Exposure
PhD Scholars’ presence
Accreditation, Learning
Salary Component
ROI (Flagship Prog.)
Research Output
(Publications, Earnings from
Consultancy & MDPs in last 2 yrs)

Note: We have listed good schools, which did not participate, in the ranking in each Tier, as “Missing Schools”. So make sure that you do not miss out on any of them